Laikipia Wildlife Conservation Area

Laikipia: Kenya's Premier Safari Destination

The Majesty of Laikipia

Situated northeast of the Great Rift Valley and northwest of Mount Kenya, Laikipia's high plains stand as one of Kenya's most remarkable safari regions. Spanning an area akin to the size of Wales, this expansive wilderness offers a safari experience unparalleled in its exclusivity and diversity. Here, amidst the sprawling landscapes and flowing rivers, visitors are treated to an abundance of wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

A Haven for Endangered Species

Laikipia boasts a rich biodiversity, serving as a refuge for numerous endangered species. Approximately half of Kenya's black rhinos call this region home, thriving alongside other iconic wildlife such as wild dogs and Grevy's zebras. The conservation efforts in Laikipia have led to the flourishing of these rare creatures, offering visitors unparalleled opportunities for wildlife encounters.

Wildlife Safari Experience

Venturing into Laikipia on safari is a journey into the heart of untamed Africa. Accessible via three well-equipped airstrips – Nanyuki, Loisaba, and Lewa Downs – visitors are seamlessly transported to their lodges and camps, where adventure awaits. From game drives to guided walks, horseback riding to mountain biking, the options for exploration are as diverse as the landscape itself.

Conservancies and Ecotourism

Laikipia's success story lies in its conservation ethos and community engagement. Formerly vast ranches, these lands are now managed to promote wildlife conservation while supporting local communities. Lodges and camps operate with sustainability at their core, offering guests not only luxurious accommodations but also the chance to contribute to conservation efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What endangered species can be found in Laikipia?

Laikipia is home to approximately half of Kenya's black rhinos, as well as wild dogs and Grevy's zebras, among others.

How can I access Laikipia for safari?

Laikipia can be accessed via three airstrips: Nanyuki, Loisaba, and Lewa Downs. From there, transfers to lodges and camps are readily available.

What activities are available on a safari in Laikipia?

Visitors to Laikipia can enjoy a range of activities, including game drives, guided walks, horseback riding, and mountain biking, offering diverse experiences amidst the stunning wilderness.

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